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Emotify Reaction

Smart on-page reaction tool for your website

Your website visitors are human and they generate feelings as they read through your content. 99% of your audience is unable to express how they feel right then and there. Emotify provides the best on-page reaction tool to make it super easy for your audience to express their emotions.

credit-card Classic reactions

Allow your audience to respond how they feel about the stories. Consider this as Facebook Reactions for your website.

dev Smart reactions

A more precise and dynamic set of human reactions added to the reaction widget by our smart machine learning algorithms.

globe Text reactions

Let your audience express more about their reaction in words seamlessly with our built-in text reaction tool.

Emotify Re-engage

Mood based re-engagement for your audience

The best way to engage your on-page audience is by suggesting them stories based on their mood at the moment. With its smart learning algorithms, Emotify personalizes your website for every single visitor by suggesting stories to them based on their current reaction.

support Mood based re-engagement

Provide highest level of personalization to your audience by suggesting them stories based on their current mood.

mail Enhance your content visibility

Emotify increases the life span of your articles by keeping them active and relevant for longer period of time.

locked Improve your website metrics

Emotify ensures that your website visitors always spend more time on your website, reading more content.


Reaction Feed

Reaction based discovery engine for websites

Reaction feed is a real-time feed of audience emotions expressed on stories throughout your website. It is a perfect way to let visitors discover more stories from your website along with the reactions expressed on them. Your audience can see their reactions on the stories in real time along with other reactions.


Emotify Share

Add a whole new meaning to social sharing

Emotify lets your visitors share their reactions along with the stories, thus making the social sharing experience whole lot meaningful and personalized. It also brings more value for your website as the shared content are designed to create maximum reach and impact in comparison to normal sharing.

Emotify Analytics

Intelligent insights about your audience emotions

Emotify provides you a powerful analytics dashboard with invaluable insights about your audience's reactions, and re-engagement at the website level as well as at the individual content level. It also provides you the options to manage multiple websites and teams.

support Story specific insights

View unexplored insights about your stories such as reactions, emotional impact, re-engagements, reaction distribution etc.

mail Website level analytics

Interesting knowledge about your audience's reactions, and re-engagement on your website to measure emotional impact.

locked Manage websites and teams

Emotify lets you add and manage multiple websites in a single dashboard. You can also invite and manage your team.

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