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  • 2000 reactions/month
  • All Emotify standard features
  • Single website
  • Standard support


  • 2000 reactions/month per website
  • All Emotify standard features
  • Add and manage multiple websites
  • Add and manage team
  • Turn off Emotify branding
  • Reaction feed on website
  • Premium support
  • For additional reactions: $1/1000 reactions

Looking for a customised integration? Reach out to us at hello@goemotify.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define a reaction?

Our pricing is very transparent and flexible. It is calculated by the number of reactions and is pro-rated per reaction. We define reaction as an event when someone clicks on any reaction in the reaction widget on your website. All other events such as text reaction, reaction sharing, re-engage and reaction feed clicks are included together in the reaction itself and are not counted separately.

How is the monthly bill calculated?

Our billing is very straight forward. Our premium account costs $10/month, in which you’ll get all the premium features and up to 2000 reactions every month. For addition reactions we charge a minimal cost of $1/1000 reactions. For ex. In a given month your website gets 12560 reactions . The cost will be calculated as $10 + 0.001x10560 = $20.56

Do I need a card to signup?

No. We do not ask for your credit card details at the time of sign up or anytime afterwards. You may need your card at the time of paying the bill (handled by trusted payment gateways) but we do not store your card details in order to ensure safety and security.

Can I try Emotify for free?

Absolutely. We give all new users at least one month of Emotify for free. You will have full access to all the features of Emotify during the trial period. At the end of the trial you will receive an email reminder but there will be no interruption in Emotify services on your website.

Do you have custom plan for big publishers?

If you are a big publisher with massive audience and content base we’d love to work with you and make Emotify more customized according to your platform and audience. Reach us out at hello@goemotify.com and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We are always super accessible and love to answer your questions and queries about Emotify. Visit our help page for more details about Emotify. Feel free to write us at hello@goemotify.com or you can fill this contact form.

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