Emotional intelligence
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Reaction and user engagement tool for online publishers, news websites and blogs, powered by AI

Add a Sentiment Layer to Your Website

Emotify leverages the power of emotion to engage your website visitors with your content
using meticulously designed actions and seamless experience


Product and Features

Emotify Reactions
Seamlessly capture your audience reactions

our website visitors are humans and they generate emotions as they read through your content. The AI powered reaction widget boosts the engagement by suggesting them most relevant emotions to react with, as per the story.

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Comments & Reply
A commenting system to perform better

Real-time comment and reply system to elevate engagement, without any intimidating barriers of traditional commenting systems. Machine learning and keyword based auto-moderation to reduce human effort in keeping the site clean.

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Reaction Sharing
Add a whole new meaning to social sharing

Emotify lets your visitors share their reactions along with the stories. Shared content is boosted by user's reaction associated with it, which makes it more personalised and improves the engagement on social media by a huge factor.

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Story Re-engage
Mood based story recommendations

Emotify personalizes your website for every single visitor by suggesting relevant stories to them based on their current reaction. The machine learning powered smart recommendations keeps the site fresh and personalised for every user.

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Reaction Feed
Reaction based discovery engine for websites

Real-time feed of audience reactions and comments on the stories throughout your website. Reaction feed lets your website visitors discover and engage with more stories from your website and adds the social element.

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Emotify Analytics
Audience engagement data and insights

Emotify gives you a powerful analytics dashboard with invaluable insights about your audience reactions and engagement on your website and stories. Manage websites, team and customise Emotify from the dashboard.

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  • 2000 reactions/month
  • All Emotify standard features
  • Single website
  • Standard support


  • 2000 reactions/month per website
  • All Emotify standard features
  • Add and manage multiple websites
  • Add and manage team
  • Turn off Emotify branding
  • Reaction feed on website
  • Premium support
  • For additional reactions: $1/1000 reactions

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Engage your audience like never before and explore untapped potential of your website.

Emotion based user engagement

Emotify is the most human way of connecting with your audience and empowering them to engage better with your website.

Personalize your audience experience

Emotify adds personalisation layer to your website and makes it way more interesting, interactive and engaging for your audience.

Measure emotional impact of your website

You’ve always been wondering about the impact of your stories on your audience emotions. Now measure it for real.

Improve website metrics that matter

Emotify makes people spend more time on your site and boosts page views, content visibility, audience interaction and revenue.

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